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Best Wishes - Frohe Weihnachten! - Video



Take a look at this video and take care! Elena Ferro

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Hier die wichtigsten deutschen Verben!


Die 30 am häufigsten benutzten deutschen Verben sind:

The 30 most frequently used German verbs are:

Los 30 verbos utilizados más frecuentemente en alemán son:

Les 30 verbes les plus fréquents de la langue allemand:



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Calatrava Bridge in Venice

ABOVE: This November, 2007 photo shows the bridge's prefabricated sections in place, with final construction proceeding bit by bit. The bridge finally opened ten months later.
After years of construction delays and cost overruns, Venice has a fourth bridge across the Grand Canal. The bridge is  officially named the Ponte della Costituzione, but nearly everyone in Venice calls it the Ponte di Calatrava.
The bridge was designed by the Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava, whose past projects have included the City of Arts and Sciences in Valencia, Spain, the Olympic Sports Complex in Athens, and the precedent-setting "twisting torso" skyscraper in Malmö, Sweden.
In January, 2007, construction crews began driving piles for the new bridge in the Canale Grande between the Piazzale Roma and the Santa Lucia Railroad Station. The bridge's prefabricated sections were floated to the construction site by barge in August. Some progress had been made on final assembly when the photo above was taken in November, 2007, and the bridge opened to the public on September 11, 2008.
The Ponte di Calatrava is a long, sweeping curve of glass and steel that is designed to complement both the historic buildings on the Piazzale Roma side of the canal and the 1950s modernity of Venice's main railway station. Now that it's open, travelers won't have to go out of their way to cross the canal via the Ponte dei Scalzi or pay to ride the vaporetto as they've been forced to do in the past.
The bridge has provoked its share of controversies, including concerns about the bridge's accessibility to locals and tourists in wheelchairs. The Comune di Venezia has worked slowly to install a system of egg-shaped gondola lifts for the disabled, but whether they'll be more reliable than Venice's earlier platform lifts on several smaller bridges (which were removed after years of being non-functioning eyesores) remains to be seen.

Tips for using the bridge:

  • Although the Calatrava Bridge looks high, the steps are low, and it's fairly easy to cross on a dry day (even with heavy luggage).
  • Be careful on wet or icy days, when the glass steps can be slippery. (Walking in the middle, where the steps are made of stone, is safer.)

Types of bridges - Presentation for my students of the fifth year - Surveyors

If you follow the links, you will find nice presentations about the different types of bridges.

domenica 22 novembre 2015

Sonntag - Zeitpräpositionen

Heute endlich wieder ein Post auf Deutsch, für meine Schüler der zweiten Klasse.



Nach einem Zeitraum fragt man zum Beispiel mit:
Für wie lange?
Seit wann?
Von wann bis wann?
Wie lange?
Bis wann?
Ab wann?

Ich fahre jeden Sommer FÜR fünf Wochen an die Küste.

SEIT zehn Jahren lebe ich schon in Bonn.

VON Mai BIS September werde ich viel Arbeit haben.

WÄHREND meiner Ausbildung musste ich immer um 3 Uhr nachts aufstehen.

ZWISCHEN den Feiertagen nehmen die meisten Menschen Urlaub.

Es dauert noch ziemlich lange BIS ZUR Rente.

AB nächsten Sonntag bin ich für drei Wochen nicht hier.


Nach einem Zeitpunkt fragt man zum Beispiel mit:
Um wie viel Uhr?

AM 5. Dezember wird er sechzig.

Meist fängt der Kurs GEGEN sechs an.

IM Oktober mache ich einen Schwimmkurs.
Wir heiraten IN drei Wochen.

Ich komme UM drei Uhr bei dir vorbei, okay?

VOR zehn Jahren musste die Firma schließen.

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mercoledì 18 novembre 2015

Shopping in English - Useful videos - First year

Do you want to go shopping? Here are some useful videos.

  Useful vocabulary:

Shopping for clothes:

Shopping in a mall:

Basic vocabulary:

Passive video lessons - All tenses

For my students in the third year - have a look at these useful videos explaining the passive voice in English.

Here you also find exercises:

Mixed tenses

Here you have songs helping you to learn the passive in English.

Present simple or present continuous - Funny video.

For my students of the first year. Have a look at these funny videos.

Here is a video lesson. Check it out and leave your comment below.

Here you also have songs that can help you. Lemon Tree -

Phonetic symbols and alphabet

For my students of English - here you find the chart of all the phonetic symbols.

 Remember that if you need the pronunciation of some words you can go to the website

Videos auf Deutsch - Präpositionen

Hier findet ihr lustige Videos mit Liedern auf Deutsch, die euch die Präpositionen erklären. Ich warte auf eure Kommentare.

Hier sind die Videos:

 Welches Video hat euch am besten gefallen? Which video do you like most?

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Funny video and song- What will you remember from High School?

Some study that I used to know: What do you remember from high school? 


How much do you remember from your time in high school? The video in this lesson (a parody of Goyte's very popular music video) does a nice a good job of articulating some of the biggest frustrations students and educators. This lesson encourages users to reflect on what they got from their time in high school, and to consider how to get more from future school experiences.

Wish exercises -

Using I wish  both for the present/future and the past
Put the appropriate verb form

1    I wish I ___________________ drunk and kissed Samantha. (get NEGATIVE)
2    I wish it ___________________  so much. The garden's turned to mud. (rain NEGATIVE)
3    If only I ___________________  there, I wouldn't have got a fine. (park NEGATIVE)
4    If only I ___________________ more time for my hobbies. (have)
5    I wish it ___________________ more often in Valencia. (rain)
6    I wish I ___________________  to go to your nephew's wedding. (have NEGATIVE)
7    I wish you ___________________ so much. You're a complete idiot when you're drunk. (drink )
8    If only it ___________________ . The garden's as dry as a bone. (rain)
9    I wish Samantha ___________________ her hair more often. It looks so greasy all the time. (wash)
10    I wish you ___________________ so horrible to your brother. He's a really nice bloke. (be NEGATIVE)
11    I wish the council ___________________  that beautiful old house. It was part of the town's heritage. (demolish NEGATIVE)
12    If only I ___________________ the money to go to Jon's wedding in The States. (have)
13    I wish I ___________________  her she'd put on weight. She hates me now. (tell NEGATIVE)
14    I wish you ___________________  to your mother like that. (speak NEGATIVE)
15    If only we ___________________  a Hewlett Packard printer. The cartridges are so expensive. (buy NEGATIVE)
16    I wish Jorge ___________________  so fast. It's only a matter of time before he kills someone. (drive NEGATIVE)

Under the following link you will find exercises that can easily be used in a written test. 

Here you can listen to some people talking about their wishes or regrets.

Video lesson on smallpox - Interesting video in English.

For my students of English - Nice and simple video to watch on the development of vaccines against smallpox.

What is the difference between venom and poison? Here the explanation.

Konjugation der deutschen Verben

Brauchst du die Konjugation eines Verbs? Hier unter diesem Link findest du alles was du brauchst.
Du kannst sogar die Aussprache hören!

If you do not remember how to form a German verb check the given link and you will find everything you need - even the pronunciation. Check it out!

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Prego! You are welcome and.....

Interesting post. Here the link to the Facebook page: Una parola di inglese al giorno.

Umlaut - Wie schreibt man Wörter mit Umlauten?

Es ist immer schwierig,  mit dem Computer Wörter mit Umlauten zu schreiben. Hier ist die Lösung.
Man braucht nur eine Kombination von Tasten.

Weitere Informationen können Sie unter den nachfolgenden Links finden.

Character i.e.... ASCII Code html Code
small sharp s ("s-zet")  ß alt + 225 ß
small  a umlaut ä  alt + 132 ä 
small o umlaut ö alt + 148 ö
small u umlaut  ü alt + 129 ü 
capital A umlaut Ä alt + 142 Ä
capital O umlaut Ö alt + 153 Ö
capital U umlaut  Ü alt + 154 Ü

Ich liebe dich und viel mehr! - I love you and much more!

How to express our love in German and English.
Wie sagt man "I love you" in German.

sabato 14 novembre 2015

Nützliche Adjektive - Useful adjectives.

Wollen wir jemanden beschreiben? Hier eine Liste von nützlichen Adjektiven und Verben.

Inizia l'avventura - Das Abenteuer beginnt - The Adventure begins.

  • Questo blog nasce come luogo di condivisione di materiali per l'apprendimento della lingua tedesca e inglese. Cercherò di postare con una certa regolarità informazioni, schemi e video utili per i miei studenti che desiderano approfondire lo studio di queste meravigliose e utilissime lingue straniere. I commenti e le richieste sono benvenuti. 

  • This blog is the place where we can share useful information and materials to learn German and English. I will try to post regularly charts and videos that can be helpful for all the students who are interested in learning these foreign languages. I will be happy to answer your comments and requests.

  • Das Thema dieses Blogs ist das Lernen von Fremdsprachen: Englisch und Deutsch. Hier werden Sie   Informationen, Videos und Bilder finden, um diese Fremdsprachen besser zu lernen.  Alle Kommentare und Fragen sind willkommen! 

A presto! See you soon! Bis bald.  
Elena Ferro